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The Teacher Center Mini-Series

The Teacher Center offers Professional Development sessions throughout the month.  Known as our Mini Series, these are quick Strategies-on-the-Go for all teachers.  Mini Series run from 4-7 periods, beginning 10 minutes after the bell and lasting no longer than 30 minutes.

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Second Semester is devoted to
Learning Walks

Join us for learning walks focused on various topics throughout second semester!

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April 5th 2016

Group Work Organization
and Socratic Seminars

Higher Level Questioning

Engaging Activities

1-12-2016 Sharing 1st Semester

This session brought in second year teachers to share their experiences and the beauty that is second semester

11-10-2015 The Power of an Effective Do Now

This session shared tips and tricks for making Do Now's effective!  Including topics such as how to make great Do Now's, how to grade all the Do Now's, and how to make all Do Nows Valuable!

10-27-2015 Cornell Notes Next Steps

Bloom's Verbs

This Next Steps session reviewed writing essenital questions and left side questions, as well as offering checklists for annotating, summarizing, and evaluating the notes.

10-13-2015 Intro to Cornell Note System


The intro to the Cornell Note System was a recap of the initial professional development delivered before school started.  Although the mini series was a truncated version of the session, the original powerpoint is available to the left.

9-29-2015 Conscious Classroom Management

Procedure List

This session reviewed key elements from Rick Smith's Professional Development on Classroom Management.  Rick Smith's books Conscious Classroom Manamgement and Picture This are available for check out in The Teacher Center.