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The Teacher Center

The Teacher Center

The go-to site for resources, downloadables, and mini series for WCHS educators


Mini Series


The Teacher Center publishes the Coach's Corner newsletter each week filled with tips, tricks, and strategies for all teachers.  You can sign up for the eNewsletter or access all archived newsletters here.
The Teacher Center hosts Mini Professional Delvelopment sessions monthly.  These are quick Strategies-on-the-Go that are conducted during periods 4-7 beginning 10 minutes after the bell and lasting no longer than 30 minutes.  Click here for past Mini Series sessions and handouts.
The Teacher Center provides multiple resources for teachers.  Everything from handouts, downloadables, education articles, and supplies.  Click here for online and electronic resources or stop in for supplies.

Welcome Teachers

Supporting Student Achievement One Teacher at a Time

"What we want is to see the child in pursuit of knowledge, and not knowledge in pursuit of the child." -George Bernard Shaw

  1. Instructional Coach
    The Instructional Coach is a teacher on assignment assisting teachers new to WCHS. New teachers will be expected to complete one year of mentorship with guided, supported, or focused coaching. The Instructional Coach will assist teachers with everything from planning lessons, building engaging activites, or daily procedures and protocal.
  2. Peer Coaches
    Peer Mentors are fellow educators available for mentorship. They focus on procedures, engagement, and group work. The peer mentor program is open to all teachers on campus and is teacher initiated.
  3. Charta Buddies
    Charta Buddies is an extra curricular for teachers. Buddies are matched and compete throughout the year in Buddy activities.
  4. Staff to Staff Recognition
    The Teacher Center sponsors two Staff to Staff Recognition awards. The Williamsburg Wink is a mini "shout out" that can be given to any staff on campus. There is a monthly drawing for prizes. The Golden Apple is an honor that is passed from teacher to teacher. Click here for the S2S Recognition Page!
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